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200th Celebration Time Capsule

What can we give to the future Key West? 

There is a saying Children our the future and we plan to make that a reality now for the 200th Celebration in 2022 and for the 250th Celebration in 2072!


Here is how we can accomplish that and you can help

  • We will choose 4 children ages 9, 10, 11 and 12 to be the Ambassadors for the City of Key West in 2072 for the 250th celebration. 

  • The time capsule will be placed under the American Flag where it all started in Key West with Lieutenant Matthew C. Perry raising the flag.

  • We will be taking donations to fund the project and more.  Top donations will have the choice of 18 -20 letters engraved on the front and sides that will last forever.  Family names, businesses or whatever you choose.

  • We will have donations to allow a few small items to be put in the time capsule for the future to see!

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